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confirmed with a ranger... 4x4 only!

Originally Posted by WoodsChick
That was last updated over 11 years ago. Clear Creek has been closed to OHV for almost 2 years now. According to the BLM, only street-legal vehicles can enter the Tumey/Panoche Hills areas, and our motorcycles are street legal, so...

i don't mean to burst anyone's bubbles, but that's what i thought too... until i talked to a BLM ranger coming out of the panoche hills area just over a month ago. the "policy" is all of those lands in that area that are BLM controlled are 4x4 only. no motorcycles, no quads. doesn't matter that your bike is street legal and / or plated, they don't care. not only that, but the ranger(s) who patrol the area will give you a hefty fine if they catch anyone on motorcycles on BLM land.

apparently, in the past few years, there has been a rash of dirtbikes & quads going "off-trail" and ripping up the area, and the BLM is getting harsher on it's penalties because of it. one thing to note... from the same ranger:
Originally Posted by BLM Ranger
"now, if i catch anyone up here, i'm going to write them a hefty ticket, but at the same time i'm not going to put myself in danger chasing some hooligan down just to give them a ticket. if i catch them, i catch them. i'll wait at the exit out if i have to, but i'm not going to endanger myself going after someone."
take that as you will. if you do go riding up there (it was beautiful a few weeks ago, even looking at it from panoche road... we didn't dare try to go in after speaking to the ranger), be safe and be on the lookout for the rangers. don't diverge from the roads, and play dumb if you have to. they will get more angry if you're making trails, or even riding on what you think is a trail. if it doesn't have 4x4 tracks on it, then it's not an official BLM trail. as a heads up, they drive relatively new Jeep Rubicon's.

note: that water crossing on panoche road was about a foot deep, mid feb, looking pretty much the same as it does in that photo posted earlier. it was so much fun that we had to go across multiple times!
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