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Originally posted by irisep
Originally Posted by Road DogWould his supervisor have been less displeased if the employee were stealing company time ogling women with their nipples covered, like the one posted by Baldy (above)?
Interesting. I work in the tech segment and have had to deal with this issue both from an employee and a management standpoint. The truth of the matter is that frequently, the requirements of the job force employees to work hours far in excess of that holy grail; the forty hour work. That said, management realizes that employees will visit various web sites and conduct occasional personal activities from time-to-time during the course of the work day. It is when the individual productivity level starts to become impacted due to abuse of this implied consent that trouble arises. Exactly where the line is is a judgement call for a reasonable person. This is just one of the many roles of a good manager.

Certain companies prefer to take the lazy way out and forbid any and all non-business related internet access (or personal phone calls, etc.). However, this is a short-sighted approach - the reality is that the large majority of employees will achieve a balance, while a small minority will abuse the privilege. No tolerance rules fly in the face of common sense and good judgement, and eventually will drive otherwise good employees into the arms of other companies...perhaps even the competition.

The bottom line - it's all about judgement and common sense. The good supervisor would know how productive the individual employee is, how many hours he/she puts in (including on-call time), and makes the appropriate call. The bad supervisor? She's unfamiliar with what the hell's going on and overwhelmed by events and responds with knee-jerk reaction (much like our liberal friends) to situations without thinking.

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