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Originally Posted by kaia
i don't mean to burst anyone's bubbles, but that's what i thought too... until i talked to a BLM ranger coming out of the panoche hills area just over a month ago. the "policy" is all of those lands in that area that are BLM controlled are 4x4 only. no motorcycles, no quads. doesn't matter that your bike is street legal and / or plated, they don't care. not only that, but the ranger(s) who patrol the area will give you a hefty fine if they catch anyone on motorcycles on BLM land.
LOL, I’ve seen the signs but I have been going into the Tumey Hills since last fall anyway. Partly because of Meat’s and others posts; I liked getting up on top of the mountain and having lunch.
In 05 they had the dirt portion of Panoche Rd posted for motorcycles. I don’t think it was legal. I mean, I could drive a Simi tractor trailer on the roads but not a licensed MC?
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