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Originally Posted by skibum69
You are correct monsieur Hayduke, it does look awesome which is why I'm going, not to mention the resounding recommendation from Lawrence Hacking (I blame my newfound rally obsession on him).

Are you headed to the April session in Nevada too? One of your T's is on it's way to me in support of thos Brazil minded folks..

And last and probably least you may remember me as the guy who got in touch to see if you knew my friend who lives in Salida, funnily enough I see a lot more of you here har har har.

Sorry for the long windedness

Oh man, I wish I was going to the April Rally training, but like you say, work get's in the way. Planning to do some roadbook rides this year, though.

May I blame Lawrence Hacking, too? I've read his book several times, as all rally tragics should.

What was your friend's name again? (PM me if you want)
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