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Originally Posted by XTwarrior
---- I was thinking, I noticed there is a line going from the oil reservoir to the top of the valve cover. I assume this would mean it would drain from the oil reservoir to the valves? If so, I've been noticing that my oil reservoir is empty after rides. This would lead me to believe that the reservoir isn't filling properly for some reason. I don't see any visible leaks that would take pressure out of the system, and I have confirmed I do have oil pressure at the oil filter. I'm thinking maybe a pinched/clogged line somewhere? Is the main return line for the oil reservoir the line that goes up the front of the frame?

Thanks for all help, I'm just annoyed at this whole dry sump thing right now

you better check your oil level and make sure its not burning it.
That line is actually a return line, if you start the bike with it off it will blow oil everywhere.
Don't ask.

I kept thinking my XT was not returning it, and it was because it was burning/blowing it past the rings. Thus the reason I did the TT600 engine swap. The bike never obviously smoked like it was that bad. It was just sucking it past the rings.
Cause: Hyper cooling of the cylinder in a DEEP creek crossing on a hot summer day.
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