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Originally Posted by Zecatfish
you better check your oil level and make sure its not burning it.
That line is actually a return line, if you start the bike with it off it will blow oil everywhere.
Don't ask.

I kept thinking my XT was not returning it, and it was because it was burning/blowing it past the rings. Thus the reason I did the TT600 engine swap. The bike never obviously smoked like it was that bad. It was just sucking it past the rings.
Cause: Hyper cooling of the cylinder in a DEEP creek crossing on a hot summer day.

There is a check ball in the system that if stuck open will effectively turn your drysump engine into a wet sump engine. I thought I had that sort of issue going on till I really figured out it was actually that LOW on oil.
you might find more about it on the XT600 thread, thats where I was discussing it.
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