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Scouting report ...?

Hi MP and all,

Wow, super sorry to see the "clarification" from the BLM!

We spent parts of four days in Panoche and Tumey Hills this weekend and Monday, with the Carrizo Plain in between ... I've posted some pics under the West forum in the Bay Area Adventure Riders Club thread, but here is one from Panoche Hills:

The area is unlocked right now because there is a heard of 5000 sheep being grazed there, so the gates to the east of Panoche Hills [along the valley floor] were all unlocked to give the sheppards access ... they had camper trailers and were getting around on quads ... nice people, only speak spanish, from Peru.

Both Panoche and Tumey were clean, and we saw no evidence of them being torn up by 4x4s or motorcycles, and saw no motorcycles while we were there. Did not see a ranger, either, so we were lucky, I suppose.

If it's any consolation, the owner of Mercy Hot Springs told us that the BLM is going to permanently lock the gates to Panoche, at least, because the BLM is tired of cleaning up after the people who use the area as a shooting range [there was a TON of people shooting in Panoche on Saturday and Sunday]. Larry, the owner of the Panoche Inn also said that it is the shooters that leave the place a mess, though it's clean right now, and it was clean of shooting garbage when we were there on Monday afternoon ...

A grading crew was just finishing a big-buck project of grading the road to the UHV [?] station ...

You could always say you were going to visit the sheppards ... you should see the mess the sheep leave ... ever hear of a "sheep desert?" Ha.

Anyway, the Carrizo Plain was wonderful, if you all are thinking of going there instead ...

Oh well ... we still have Mendocino NF and DV ... and Nevada, and Baja ... Bay Area, indeed. Bah.

Locked gates suck ...

-- SFMCjohn
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