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Originally Posted by dukedar
I would practice with it a little to get the feel of it. Something similar to what I did on rider training last year:

- Find yourself an open space like an empty parking lot
- Setup two cones about 4 feet apart (to make a line)
- Shut the ABS off
- Make a large loop and approach the cones (through the middle) at 30 mph
- Start your braking as you pass the cones
- try it rear only, ABS off
- front only, ABS off
- both, ABS off
- And then do it all again with the ABS on in each case

Compare your results, and use it to get a feel for it.

My 2 cents
Good suggestion.

The first time I felt the ABS pulsing the rear, I thought I'd hooked a branch or something under the right footpeg. It was very disconcerting and I released the rear brake.

Now it's happened a few times, I'm used to the feeling and just continue to apply firm, increasing brake pressure and let Mr Bosch do his thing.
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