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Originally Posted by GrommettAZ
I love TT stuff, but I got a look at an 800 with the big tank on it and I thought it looked like SHIT! Big, awkward, and well...pretty ugly. The guy said he also needed to do a stiffer fork kit because the weight balance was off when it was full...sounds like a downward spiral of cash flow. Personally I thought the small tank was an issue, but then I realized that I am more than ready to get off and stretch my legs long before I am out of gas. I'll spend my money on a new Ohlins or something else....just my two cents.
Thanks. You're absolutely right. In fact, I now have a 350+ mile bike, but still have a 150-mile ass. I guess I'll just have to take my rest stops somewhere-fucking-else than a gas station. I suppose I'll also have fewer fuel planning issues (appx. 50% fewer), so there's that too. As for ugly? I'm now in a situation where my bike makes me look pretty, as opposed to the other way around.

Where you at in AZ? Wanna touch my bedliner? $5

P.S. If I had a problem with stupidly spending money I would have bought a BMW because......
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