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I feel your pain. I don't think that conclusion is defensible either; so do 2wd vehicles get tickets? And are we all to assume "4x4 only" means no motorcycles? Anyone think I'll get the basis (justification) for that decision? I know, erosion concerns... tell that to the sheep! Last year I ran into the new fire marshall in Tumey. I mentioned it was about to close to vehicles because of fire season and he said, "well, there's no fuels anyways" ... yeah, sheep.

And now I hear its the target practice folks that are making the messes; no OHV damaged noted during a thorough examination last weekend...


there are quite a few good people working for the BLM, but I guess there are a few bad eggs, just like everywhere else.

Thanks for the fuel note; folks, these are lonely parts of the State. These roads are so lonely that I have had to grit my teeth and blow past dirt roads headed into the hills off the tarmac because I know it's private.

So we should do a bit of planning: fuel ranges folks?
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