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Originally Posted by meat popsicle
I found the message this morning, considered marking it as unread, and reopening it on Sunday... but I can't do that to y'all. I hear the ticket is steep and a ranger would likely write up anyone on a motorcycle.

So, that is that - my apologies everyone; but in my defense I was led astray twice by the BLM employees. I may try to fight it, but that won't do anything for this weekend, so
i'm sorry you ran into the roadblock of BLM jurisdiction - and also sorry if i came off as a jerk... i'm just another local adventure rider, trying to share experiences to help others on their way - hoping to save you the heartache of planning a whole trip that would have the possibility of getting you in trouble.

i had spent hours and hours mapping out paths on google earth and had pages of printouts from BLM maps, to tracks... ready to go into panoche / tumey hills and explore... only to "happen" upon a BLM guy at the gate and be told that all my plans had to be scrapped. needless to say, i felt a bit of the same at the time...

i hope that your new plans work out for the better, and that at some point the BLM can get their act together and stop giving out mis-information.

ride safe!
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