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When I was learning to drive a cage many moons ago, my ole' man...God rest his soul, dropped something on the floor and as I turned to look at what he dropped he said "well we just hit that tree when you took your eyes off the road"...humm whatever crazy old man. I've never forgotten that lesson, in fact thats the same tactic I used on my kids.

ALWAYS ride like that car is going to cut you off or that rock is going to be in the road around that corner or that deer will wait until you are right beside it before it jumps across the road.

Keep the rubber side down and the shiny side up
2009- R1200GS

"Think about it Murray...If we could get this baby runnin', we could run over hikers, pick up females, chase down mule deer-man, we'd be the grizzlies from hell."

Restraint..."resisting the urge to point it into the crowd and mash the gas".
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