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Carrizo Plain scouting report ...

Continuing rain this season (2009-2010) has left many roads impassible even for four wheel drive vehicles. Although the roads have begun to dry out there are gullies and washes that make roads impassable for low clearance vehicles.
Currently Soda Lake Road, which bisects the 37 mile length Carrizo Plain National Monument, is the only reliable road. About 18 miles of Soda Lake Road's length is paved, the remainder is dirt.
Hi all,

Can't make this one, have to be umbrella boy at a track day on Easter ...

We spent this past Sunday and Monday in the Carrizo Plain ...

Pipeline Road had a "road closed" sign, and the area above Selby was still behind a locked gate ... Elkhorn Pass, Elkhorn Road, Paridise Road, Hurricane Road, and the ridge roads north of Hurricane Road are all dry and in fine shape for bikes ... lots of wildflowers, too. Soda Lake Road is, of course, dry and fast. We maybe saw two puddles north of Hurricane Road, but easily rode around them. So we probably could have done everything on Gripsters [we were on loaded KLRs with 606s].

From the ridge north of Hurricane the gate near the northernmost microwave tower was locked, as were all the gates leading towards 58 [which I suppose is usually the case ... we were trying to get to Taft that way but had to backtrack to Hurricane]. We could not find the road that is supposed to go up from Elkhorn Road to the ridge north of Hurricane from either the ridge or the valley ... seems to be one on the map ...?

We got gas at the cafe near The Place after 12 noon on Monday, and took the Quatal Canyon Road [dirt and dry w/ big vados] up to Cerro Noroeste back to Carrizo ...

KLC should be a good meet-up point ... we found Selby too buggy to stay at ... so we left and took advantage of the car camping areas in the foothills above Elkhorn Road ... no flying bugs at either of our "car" camps ...

There was gas in Taft and Maricopa, of course ...

A lot of rain may change things, but it would take a lot ... a bit will keep the dust down and prolong the wildflowers ... you all should enjoy great conditions!

OK, wish I were going with you ... see you soon,

PS: here is a pic we took from our campsite above Soda Lake to whet your appitites ... have fun!

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