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TE610 Stand

I went over to Mountain Eagle's and test fit a couple of center stands. Solved most of the problems with the stand. The new spring works better but there is still a adjustment needed for clearance. That looks like that will be easy to fix.

I still don't like the stop for the up position. It works fine after it is up and rides fine. But the hit from the spring on the rubber stop does allow the stand to hit the lower chain roller bracket. If the stand is not restrained manually when the bike is taken off the stand I am afraid it could do damage to the bracket over time. It would not be a problem for me since even on my bike I manually return the stand to the up position. Mtne made a couple of suggestions on how to solve this and I will be working on those this week.

Other then that it appears the stand is very close to being ready.

Thanks for your help Mountain Eagle, it is appreciated.

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