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Panoche closure ... ?

Originally Posted by Gester
SFMCjohn, thanks for the up-to-date info and inspiring photo! Consider my appetite duly whetted. In fact, it's soaked right now. Can't wait to check out the Plain. Hopefully I'll have some tasty pics of my own to post when we get back.
Thanks Gester! Looking forward to seeing your pics ... thinking about trying to get down to Carrizo on 4/10 for the Place's monthly BBQ ...

Woodschick: Thanks for the photo/info on Rick Cooper ... I've been poking around the Blue Ribbon Coalition and BLM's websites, and may e-mail some polititian for an explanation ... talk about not holding your breath, ha!

Anyway, I'm thinking about the rumor that they are simply locking the gate as an excuse to get back out there this year ... if I get seen by the BLM guy I'll just say that I heard at Mercy that they were going to lock Panoche permanenty, by bilding a much bigger gate and fence due to the ongoing trash problem ... that I just wanted 'one last look', happy childhood memories, etc., sniff, sniff, weep.

I'm thinking that it would be hard for them to give me a ticked for "tearing up" an area that they are going to close permanently anyway ... ? Especially with my grey hair and staid KLR, if I stay on the established roads, which I do anyway ... Or that they'd be interested anymore in sending a message by giving a ticket, if they're simply locking it up for all vehicles soon?

Oh, the BLM grants grazing rights permits that last 10 years ... another thought was to contact the company that is running the sheep there now ... offer to bring their employees care packages of cookies, etc, during their two week stint ...

There are other permits on the BLM website, one of which is a "recreation permit" for a non-profit event for over 75 people ... the local BLM office has to respond in 48 hours or the permit is deemed granted ... this is a new permit, I'm sure it costs $$, but it was developed in response to a feeling that the recreational permit process had to be more transparent ... The FAQ on the permit makes interesting reading ... the local office has to give a reason in writing if it denies the permit and the "presumption" is that such permits should be granted ...

Anyway, sorry ... blah, blah ...

Maybe I can get a grazing permit for one sheep next year ...? It would cost $1.35, IIRC ... Ha. :-)

See you out there,
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