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As a noob rider, I've learned quite a few things since I began riding in October.

1. Every time I've felt confident in what I was doing, I was about to do something stupid.

2. I still haven't learned to trust my tires while leaning, so I stay around the posted speed limit.

3. Almost everyday I've ridden, I've been cut-off or almost run over. Stay alert and don't bother getting mad at the cagers, they're just idiots.

4. Don't suddenly grab your front brake while the handlebars are turned. I did this three times before learning my lesson. They were zero speed drops, but still quite embarrassing.

5. Patience! If I don't take my time, think and look before doing anything, I will do something stupid.

Excellent post and wonderful website. I hope to be as awesome as the rest of you someday!
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