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Learn to read: the pavement, obstacles and the future.
- The pavement; more than just wet/dry or smooth/rough. Painted areas, the center oiled strip, dust, grit, gravel, general debris and so much more.
- Obstacles; other vehicles, including motorcycles, intersections, lighting and glare, areas of light and dark can really change your view
- The future; right now you are upright and things are fine, what about 2 seconds/minutes from now. Don't just watch the cager in front of you, watch the one ahead of him and the one ahead of that one too.

These things are dynamic, they change instantly and damn near randomly, be ready for anything.

Someone else mentioned sightseeing, if that is what you want to do, let someone else drive who doesn't want to sightsee.

All of the things mentioned in this thread are portable, they apply to many other venues.
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