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Originally Posted by gr8ridn
Appearance is subjective and if you are riding a GS no one really cares about looks. Lets face it, a larger tank really isn't going to bother most owners going for the larger tank so that argument is rather small. The functional aspect of extended range and freedom from having to plan gas stops in remote areas is an arguable enhancement of the bike. It really depends how the bike is used and where it is ridden. It only has to please the owner. Kind of like going up to a proud owner saying you really dislike the colors of his bike, petty.

No need for longer range, fine.

Add extra gas cans, fine. That is a valid cost effective solution for added range.

Add a larger tank, an expensive but built in solution with superior range to any other solution I have seen. As for the weight, we are talking about 32 pounds of additional fuel that is burned off as you go. The weight of the tank and related hardware isn't much different from the parts removed as part of the conversion. The weight of the fuel is carried low and centralized, better than most carry on fuel containers. I also enjoy breaks, but there are better places than every 180 miles at a gas station. Riding through Labrador or up to Inuvik will be much better if you can do most of it without worrying about buying poor quality fuel you are usually forced to deal with when in remote long stretches. Besides, two of my best riding buddies ride GSA's, so I am sure they approve. Any way that is my story and I'm sticking to it

All that counts is the owner is pleased with the results.

BTW I ordered my TT tank today. I am also overdue to upgrade the suspension so the appropriate springs for my weight and this kit are ordered. I'm looking forward to this project.
I couldn't agree more. I'm expecting the bike back tomorrow from the shop with the TT installed. It was delayed a week as the part for the clutch (which did give up two weeks ago) hasn't arrived in time.

When riding with 2 bikes my wife is on the ADV and hates it when I request a gas stop with the 800. Plus I now should be able to commute 3 days before needing to fill up.

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