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moving on...

Ya, shit... life gets in the way sometimes....

Anyways... we rolled down Union Pass and into Pinedale. The Windriver Mountain Range was to the east and the route takes you right down along the foothills. The views were mind blowing.

When we gassed up in Pinedale, we overheard some locals bitching about all the hippies in town. Hippies... in Pinedale? It didn't make sense... but I was wrong, really wrong.
Pinedale, for one week, was the hippie capital of the US. The Rainbow Gathering had set up camp in the foothills of the Windrivers 20 miles outside of town. The beauty of it was that the National Boyscout Jamboree was going on at the same time, in the same National Forest, at the same place.
Now that put a smile on my face.

The further we got out of town, the more we ran into. I swore I could smell them before I saw them. The majority looked like they stole their mom's car (i.e. 1989 Volvo station wagon) and someone's laundry on their way across country.

Thankfully the views were good enough that smell didn't bother me.

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