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The Great Basin...

We hit Highway 28 at the south end of the Windriver Range. We knew we wanted to fill up the tanks before heading out into the great unknown of central Wyoming, but it was roughly 20+ miles to Farson (west) and 34 miles to Lander (east). We decided to take our chances with Atlantic City...

As luck would have it, even on the 4th of July, we found some gas.

Wild Bill was classic Wyoming. Not too tall, long white beard, and the downstairs room was filled with jerry cans full of gas. I don't remember what we paid, but I did not really care. It would get us across the Great Basin and the experience of meeting him was worth all the money we paid for those 4 gallons.

By now it was getting later in the afternoon and we took off out of Atlantic City with our sights on Rawlins as storm clouds began to gather over our heads.

Having heard about what happens to the roads out in the Great Basin after it rains I was getting a bit nervous; plus the thought of being in a lightening storm without a place to hide for 100+ miles was a bit unsettling.

It was with nervous anticipation and excitement that we hightailed it across the desert.

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