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It is spring, so I decided to resurrect this thread with few short rides in Karlovac area.

I was born in Karlovac and my parents still live there so I went to the few short rides with my dad.

First ride is in Zumberak area, idea was to climb Sv. Gera peak.

Gravel started after Sosice village, but after few kilometers we ran into the snow. Real problem was thick ice, it was incredibly slippery, and so we decided to turn back.

I am still waiting for TKC to be delivered, but the snow will probably melt before getting them. :)


We had more luck next weekend, good weather and nice roads.

Karlovac is known as city on the four rivers, Dobra and Mreznica are on the pictures. I used to spend summer months on the rivers during my teenage years.

Area is called Kordun, In former times, this region belonged to the Habsburg Military Frontier towards the Ottoman Empire.

There is lot of nice gravel roads and area is scarcely populated, so it is perfect for riding.

Quick bike wash before returning home. :)


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