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Some More

Great thread.

This is for street riding.

Keep two fingers covering the brake and clutch.

Hold the bars like you are holding a bird in your hand. If you tense up the bike feels it.

If your behind a car at a red light don't be on the bumper of the car in front. Stay a bit behind and to the side. Keep an eye on your mirrors. If someone is coming up fast you can move around the car in front of you and let him hit that

Smooth is fast.

Just keep leaning, you make the curve, at the worst you'll low side, better than going into the trees head on.

If you go down push the bike away from you.

On the interstate don't ride the right lane. Idiots that aren't paying attention will say, wow thats my exit and cut across the lanes sometimes,and people getting on usually just pull on withoutlooking, figuring other drivers will make way

When raining don't ride in the middle of the lane. Thats where all the oil is.

Put weight on your inside peg when cornering.

Be careful when you pull off to the side of the road and keep wheel straight. If its soft or sandy its eassy to fall over.

Have fun.

Practise braking in an empty parking lot, and slow speed manuvers.

When turning tightly at low speeds lightly ride the rear brake.

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