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Originally Posted by rbrsddn
Don't ride away with your XLCH rear wheel still chained to the motel railing. People will howl with laughter! Happened to a friend at Laconia, 1980.

Reminds me when I took off with the disc lock still on.

Expensive lesson. Most of mine have been expensive but I do remember them

If you use a disc lock run a string or something else to the handlebars so you don't forget it.

A small piece of aluminum or plastic to put under your side stand. In the dirt the sidestand will sink, and it will on hot pavement. Ypu can buy one or make your own. Drill a hole thru it, run string thru it and wrap around handgrip. That way when you take the bike off the stand you can give it a tug without bending over, and your less likely to forget it. Use neon string. You don't want to take off with it, it could get caught in the chain.
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