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Originally Posted by duck
Don't ride behind or stay very far back from any vehicle that has stuff attached that can fly off.

Assume that anything might fly/fall off, hit you and ruin your day will do just that.
As one of the aforementioned dangerous pickup trucks. Do not follow me. The back of my truck is a bucket. Or in some people's eyes, a free dumpster that will take their trash far away. While I try to be careful and not put anything in the back of my truck that will fly out, other people aren't so careful. I end up with everything from mcdonald's cups to boxes of used diapers, to week old Applebees To-Go bags (with food). None of which are mine, all of which are prone to flying out of my bed at random trajectories. And no, I'm not going to bring other people's trash into my cab.

The generalization that can be made is if you're behind a pickup, dump truck, or some sort of giant motorized bucket, assume stuff will fly out of it and you'll have to make some Starfox-esque moves to avoid it. Just because you're in a different lane doesn't save you. Stuff blows around in circles until a crosswind catches it and blows it out.

As a newb who hasn't been on his first road ride yet, great thread. Thanks for the input guys!
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I got a feeling the KTM would be like a hot girlfriend so fun to be with just not trust worthy.
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