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Buy a copy of Dave Hough's book, "Proficient Motorcycling". I re-read it occasionally.

If you haven't been riding in a few weeks or months, do some practice drills in a parking lot, especially quick stops.

Keep you bike in gear at Stop signs/red lights rather than in neutral. If you see someone coming up fast behind you and need to get out of the way, that one second it takes to get into first gear and go can make all the difference.

Manhole covers are slippery. So is the white paint used for crosswalks.

Do not turn your wheel and brake at the same time. You will fall over. And it's very embarassing.

Learn how to pick up your bike by yourself. There is nothing worse than dropping your bike and having to get someone to help you lift it up, especially when no one's around.

Keep water and snacks on your bike. On long rides, wear a Camelbak to stay hydrated.

Invest in a really loud horn and don't be afraid to use it.

Watch the front wheels of cars to see if they're starting to turn toward you, into your lane, etc.

Do not ride in a car's blind spot. For that matter, don't ride next to cars any longer than necessary.

If you commute by bike, wear bright colored gear or buy a reflective vest. Some people will say you look like a dork; I really don't give a shit as long as I'm highly visible.

If you don't know a road, stay at the posted speed limit around turns.

Don't cheap out on your gear. Wear ATGATT even if you're just running down the block to the store.

Assume that all cage drivers are the enemy and must be avoided at all costs.

Do not ride when you are tired, angry, upset, under the influence or are not able to focus your full attention on riding. Zone out on a bike at your peril.
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