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Noob question:

I see a lot of people talking about the meditative quality of riding a motorcycle, how it helps to unwind and relieve stress from the daily grind.

I also see people comment on not riding when you're tired, pissed off, frustrated, heads-not-right etc.

Now I realize the answer will be almost entirely subjective but hey this is Perfect Line, par for the course. Where do you draw the line? Come home and wife packed up all her shit and some of yours and left the divorce papers on the kitchen table, probably not a good time to ride. Boss chews your ass on the way out the door at work, not so bad.

So to reiterate, where do you draw the line at "to mentally out of it" to ride? Who rides to and from their night shifts? Have you ever been out riding and realized you really weren't in a sound mind to be out on 2 wheels?
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