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Originally Posted by DAKEZ
And if you can't bring yourself to "look like a dork" then put even more emphasis on.
Even if.

Hell, I go out of my way to look like a dork. Anyone in Oregon that's seen an FJR rider with a yellow helmet mohawk- that's me. The funny thing is, I know that cagers see it- because they glance in my direction, do a fast double-take, then work very, very hard to not look at me again. The bonus is, they have to know where I am at all times so they can rigidly NOT look at me.

And I don't count on that. Nor do I count on the conspicuity vest I sometimes wear, the hi-viz ballistics on my 'stich, or the eye-searing nuclear puke yellow Fieldsheer jacket I have.

So the difference (as for gear color) betweek DAKEZ and myself is... I'm a dork. I'm OK with that. Parental contractual obligations say I have to do something that's deeply embarassing to the teenagers that live under my roof, anyway, so it might as well be my choice in riding gear.
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