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Originally Posted by dwoodward
All due respect for Sink for bringing them up- but some examples of what I meant by "generalize" follow. A few broad rules are a lot easier to remember than a bunch of specific ones.

Always have an escape route.

Maintain a space cushion.

Avoid surface hazards

Know your machine. Not all bikes are graceful about this (think linked brakes)
None taken. Just trying to help out the n00b who started the thread. He did not mention that he wanted generalizations

Just saying maintain a safe cushion does not help if a cager is 3 lanes over and decides to cross all 3 lanes at once. If you are riding 3 lanes over that is a large cushion.

If your just starting out you might not realize what the hazards are.

Not expecting him to remember them all at once.

The same as I would not expect him to remember a complete book on riding. That does not mean it should not be read. Or that it should only be read once.
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