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Originally Posted by pfb
No doubt! I've really been trying to avoid reading this thread as I have a strong feeling it's going to end up costing me some dough for another bike, "the other" ktm Alas here I am again and that damn blue bike looks as awesome as ever.

As for powering the nav gear, I ran a pair of 16 gauge wire in a protective sheath from the steering head to the battery with a single inline/waterproof fuse at the battery and a quick disconnect at the steering head. It powers my roadbook, ico, & gps (All low power devices) through a harness that mates to the quick disconnect. IMHO having an additional fuse box and multiple fuses adds failure points without real advantage.
Yeah your probably right. I ran 12 gauge with a relay and 30A fuse by the battery and an additional 14 gauge wire directly from the battery so I have switched and battery power at the fuse box. I can always nix the fuse box but it sure makes it easy to distribute the power and use a different rated fuse for each device. The GPS is pretty expensive and I wanted to run a 2A fuse for it.

I'll put a horn on it at some point and the existing stock switch provides a ground so all I have to do is run 12V to the other side of the horn and I'm done.

I'm also going to mount a tri color LED that monitors voltage so that will wire right in to the fuse box.

I like my wiring to be tidy so I figured 4 things powered up there off of two wires w/o a distribution panel of some sort would get messy.
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