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Day 2. Monett, MO to Eureka Springs, Arkansas

On there is the “KC Area Photo Tag” and the tag has been in SW MO all winter. I was not going to be able to join any of the riders in Arkansas today so I decided to take my time and explore the roads from Monett, MO to Eureka Springs and pick up the tag along the way. The KC BMW Motorcycle Club has a scavenger hunt. I collected a number of pictures for the hunt along the way. (That is why you see my bike or parts of it in a number of pictures. That is required for the hunt.)

I head on the first gravel road I found out of Monett going SE towards the needed photo tag. I start smelling the familiar smell of fields burning. In KS where I do so much riding in the spring they do a lot of burning of native grass to get rid of the old and add nutrients to the ground for new growth. They were doing the same in this little valley in the Ozarks.

The smoke was so dense at time along the road I could barely see ahead. I had to creep along. I continued down the valley along Flat Creek and came across this pretty spring and waterfall.

It is between Purdy (Purdy was famous for not allowing dancing in the town until overturned by a Judge in 1988 and some say the basics of the movie Footloose) and Jenkins, MO.

I ride into Branson and there was havoc in the streets. An ape escaped and was raising hell. I’m sure some county boy grabbed his squirrel gun, shot it and is at the taxidermist.

The photo tag was also in Branson. It was the Table Rock Dam.

Table Rock Dam is located on the White River in Southwestern Missouri eight miles upstream and Southwest of Branson, Missouri. Table Rock Lake extends 79 miles upstream along the White River and inundates areas in Missouri and Arkansas.

Construction started in 1954 and completed in 1958.

Table Rock Dam is 6423 feet long and consists of a concrete section 1602 feet long and two earth embankment sections having a length of 4821 feet. The dam rises 252 feet above the riverbed, contains 1,230,000 cubic yards of concrete and 3,320,000 cubic yards of embankment. Four 18 foot diameter penstocks convey water to four 50,000 kilowatt generating units in the powerhouse. The first two units were ready for generation of power in June 1959, and installation of units three and four was complete in August 1961.

I head into Arkansas and the views are spectacular. I can also see rain clouds forming in the west. The weatherman said 100% chance of rain around 2:00

One of the categories of the scavenger hunt is “one room schoolhouse”. While riding to Eureka Springs I stumbled across a few. These two are only a few miles apart. Like all of rural America the population had declined dramatically. I don’t recall a home between there to schools.

New Salem School, founded on Nov. 15, 1888

I was coming around a gravel curve and all of a sudden I see planes, old military planes, in the middle of nowhere. There was a grass runway nearby and a small hanger.

I had to stop and look around. They were the planes of the Aviation Cadet Museum. These planes were trucked in and restored. If in the Eureka Springs area I would recommend stopping by.

I roll into town, get a late lunch and check into a motel a few doors down from the official motel. Right as I check in the rain came pouring down. It was 2:00 just as the weatherman predicted. I took a nap. I'm glad I did because I needed to be good and rested for what was in store the next day.

Around dinner time I wondered over to the official motel and tried to find some faces I recognized. David was the first ugly mug I saw and was kind enough to invite me to go with him to dinner and his gro
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