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Originally Posted by xrbeast
Hey Mike,
I just received the XR250R stand. I loved the way it fits but unfortunately, i think my bike is kinda short (japanese Baja model) and i was exhausted when i finally brought the bike up on stand.. a good 4 inches off the ground at the rear. no wonder i was exhausted. No biggy, a visit to a workshop to shorten it will do the trick.
Overall, i still like the stand..

A satisfied customer from the little dot - Singapore
Be careful when you shorten the stand. I suggest with the bike on the stand, place a 1" thick piece of material under the front tire and rear tire and see how much clearance there is at the rear. Because of the fulcrum 1/2" shorter will make about 1" or more difference in rear wheel ground clearance. Not cutting off to much will make your life much easier. By placing thicker or thinner boards under both wheels you will be able to determine how much to shorten the legs. You can even test how much difference there will be in getting the bike on the stand by rolling the bike up on the boards front a rear and then lifting the bike. This should indicate to you how much easier it will be to get the bike up on the stand.

Getting the bike up on the stand may be more a matter of technique though rather then height. There are several videos on line showing how to get different bikes on a center stand. I built many stands with 3 1/2" of ground clearance so that on soft ground the rear wheel would still be off the ground. While it is a little harder to get the bike up on the stand I never had much more of a problem getting it up on the stand. But like you others have, so I reduced the ground clearance. The difference in the length of the legs between the tall and standard is 1/2" in length. Placing as much weight as possible on the press down leg makes a big difference. One hand on the handle bars and one at the frame near the air box (or lower) to lift and pull back as you press down on the leg should make it go up pretty easily.

I would guess that with the taller stand that you can rock the bike back on the rear wheel and it will stay there keeping the front wheel off the ground. I liked this but most would rather it be shorter to make it a little easier to get on the stand.

It probably would have been smart to have you check the dimension before I shipped it to your part of the world. I will do this in the future.

Sorry that it is not just right for your bike. Let me know what I can do. Cigar Mike's policies are shown at my site.


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