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I did some scouting today.

With a few holes filled in, this could be something special. I found some stuff today that blew me away. I mean I was riding clean, banked, fantastic twisties for a good 4 hours without really any interruption at all.

And not only were they some of the best roads evar, I had them more or less to myself. Now I was riding a weekday during work hours...probably had something to do with it, but it was just awesomely deserted.

This could go 200 miles easily...very tuneable. Could work dirt in. Could be all paved. I'd have to lean toward keeping the whole thing paved. They really have a good flow to 'em...terrain's steep though...would make for an interesting DS ride.

Either way, a 200ish mile scrumptious ride leaving from NSS or Cedars is very do-able.

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