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Header, sounds to me like you've got it worked out pretty well. I think you're probably a warmer sleeper than I am: I would want a warmer bag even in summer (for desert and mountain elevations) and I get anxious without a set of thermal underwear in the kit no matter what the weather at the present moment. I would also want boots I could walk around in comfortably.

I go out in the CONUS, a couple of weeks to a couple of months at a time, and I almost always run into tent-worthy weather at some point. Also I like to cook in the woods, so I carry more in the way of a camp kitchen: no spork in my place setting!

There! I've just added--what?--10 or 15 pounds to your kit. Maybe now you'll have to pass up that pothole-riddled dirt trail. Shouldn't have listened to me.

Happy trails.

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