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There exists a KTM Service bulletin about this issue, nr. 32/05/002, from 14.01.2005

LC4 Inconstant clutch pressure point caused by axial clearance of transmission main shaft
If customers claim inconstant clutch pressure point, please perform corrective measures as described below.
Procedure for repair/replacement:
Its very important, that operation (1) is made on the engine at working temperature.
Otherwise the bearing seat can be damaged, if you push the bearing in the seat!
1. Replacement of retaining bracket
For exact positioning and fixing of the main shaft bearing and to minimize clearance of the
main shaft, graduated retaining brackets are available at Customer Service.
To mount the graduated raining bracket, please remove the clutch cover, the pressure
cap, the inner and outer clutch hub and the original retaining bracket.
Then push the bearing to block in the seat and mount the graduated retaining bracket.
Pay attention on fixing the screws with screw lock compound.
After that build the engine together again.
2. Mount the slave cylinder with the new clutch release gasket
(KTM part no 586.32.065.000).
3. We recommend to moisten the slave cylinder fixing screws with medium liquid screw lock compound (Loctite 243), during all kinds of service on LC 4 engines.
Important is to tighten the cylinder screws in the order centre-bottom-top with 8 Nm
torque. After one minute tighten the screws in this order again.
Finally, please bleed the clutch system very precise !
No part number is listed for the graduated bearing retaining bracket. More importantly, the recall/work procedure is listed as a "goodwill" and there are no restrictions - it concerns all LC4 KTMs with a hydraulic clutch.

Ask your dealer...


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