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Awsome r&r!
Looks like you are doing a similar rout as us but we didn't have as much time.The mountains are just as beautiful as the coast and it was where we cooled off our sun burns.We had alot of fun getting soccer balls,blowing them up with our tire fixin stuff and having a game with the local kids.I played goalie while my kids did the running.Ask for instructions on the spin top.It's hard but everyone knows it and it will make you new friends.There are alot of hot springs and caves in the mountains that aren't in that stupid Lonely Planet book.Ask around.Also,watch out for that oil.It'll make the bike hard to start in the morning,especially around Durango.It must be easier knowing spanish there.We only knew a few words and it was hard at times.Don't forget hwy 40!! It's a must!
Wishing we were there still
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