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So there, I´m back again. Now here comes the ride report:

The first thing of interest I encountered was the nuclear powerplant that is near the river Isar, it´s one of the largest and most powerful in the world.

The way to the Bavarian Forest was otherwise pretty uneventful, boring, straight roads. I guess I could have taken smaller byroads, but my schedule was a bit tight. I wanted to do most of my riding in Czechoslovakia. Here the first mountains appear in the hazy distance.

A bit closer:

On my way to the border crossing at Bayrisch Eisenstein I pass through a few villages.

I´mmoving further and furter into the mountains, towards one of the highest peaks in this mountain range, the "Großer Arber"

Here it is. People were still busy skiing. I was slowly beginning to realize I should have brought something warmer than a thin pullover and a summer leather jacket..

a bit after the "Arber"

When I looked at this foto on the LCD display of my digital camera, I noticed a sign on the display I had never seen before. It said "IN". Hmmmm...what could that mean? "Put me IN your pocket, I´m cold....?" No, unlikely.... then it dawned on me: It meant "internal memory"! I had forgotten to put in the memory card, which was still on my nightstand beside my bed, and all the pictures were being stored on the measly 20mb on the camera´s internal memory - in shitty quality, and I had only twenty pics left! FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU.....!!!
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