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This was a no-go of course, so I found this little shop near the German-Czechoslovakian border that sold SD cards. I paid 12 for a 2gb card, that was about double the price Id have had to pay in a large electronics store here. I was a bit consoled by the fact that the card turned out to be a super fast one and stored the picture almost immediately, instead of the twenty-second wait I had to endure with my old card. So, I went to my bike, put away my wallet, took out the camera and tried to insert the new card...only to find it missing. I thought for a moment and went back into the shop, where I had only pocketed my change a minute ago, but not the card, which was still lying on the counter.

Definitely not my day that day, I was going to have to watch out...

Next I crossed the border. I had secretly been hoping to catch a glimpse of all the hookers that allegedly hang out in droves near this road, but there was nothing, not even a mini-skirt, so no pics for you

Best I can do is this pic of a rack filled with dozens of glassbubbles, apparently intended for garden decoration or the like - shiiiiiiiiny!

Naturally I took a wrong turn right after the border, so here are just a few shots of random Czech landscapes...

Here in Hartmanice I found out that I had gone in the wrong direction, but it was no big deal. I had a few bites to eat and a little milk and took some pics.

I guess this dilapidated house is a remnant of the Soviet era:

A few kilometers further on I came to this railway crossing. A very peaceful scene, with a few cars waiting on each side. They had all turned their engines off, patiently waiting for the train to pass through. I got off my bike, walked a few paces, stretched my legs and took a pic of this mechanism that seems to predate World War II:

I have certainly never seen a barrier made from wood before. I was still contemplating this contraption and how it was supposed to work when it gave gentle hum and the barrier started to lift. The bloody train had already passed through before I arrived and the other drivers had just been waiting for the barrier to lift!!! I sprinted back to my bike, which I had parked right in front of the line of cars, and got on my way in a hurry

I saw these in some minor and major towns I passed through on my way to Pilsen:

Pilsen itself was a bit of a letdown - no historical city center or sights to speak of, as far as I could see. Some nice buildings, but that was about as far as it went.

The only thing worth mentioning is that I managed to put a good sized dent in my exhaust header when I tried to ride across a curbstone that was a wee bit to high for the ground clearance of my bandit. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU...! Yes, definitely not my day. Does anybody know how such dents can be removed?
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