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Remembering Croatia

Greetings from the centre of Canada. I really enjoyed your RR. I must visit your country...again.

I was in Croatia in 1992 and 1994 did just over a year and got to experience the sad civil war first hand. The Bulcan's had in those day's an interesting feel to it...You see I was part of UNPROFOR but, that's in the past for me.

I got to party hard in Split and Macarska (unsure of actual spelling). Our leave centre (a hotel) was next door to one of the Croatian army veterans hosptials and seeing those busted up soldiers still holding their chins up with pride was very cool.

When you come from the interior to the coast it's is a transformation in climate, cars, & roads. I loved the happy moments we had and there were a few. Your pictures tell of the beauty and rich history that neck of the woods for all.

I recall there were camping areas all over the place in the interior, a little run down at that time (they had more pressing matters to attend to) but thought..someday I'd come back one day and stay at a few.

Thank you for rekindleing my disire to return.

PS: Do they still drive those rototiller-wagons with no lights and long handlebars. We almost took out a few on those back country roads in our APC's..You have to post a picture or two of those machines.

Crazy times.. Cheers

A20 "Lime Ricky"

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