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I took a different route back as I wanted to see more of the backcountry. I turned west in Prestice and made my way back to Germany through Merklin and Domazlice. Those Czech country roads are wonderfully twisty, with very little traffic. A pity they are so bumpy itīs not really fun to ride there with my big beast. A KTM 690 SuperMoto or an Aprilia Dorsoduro would be ideal bikes for these roads.

All of the landscape was like this, open country with gently rolling hills that offered a great view of the land. I finally made my way back to Germany and crossed the border at Furth im Wald. Here is my bike, looking quite forlorn on the huge deserted parking lot of what was once a major customs station. It was simply abandoned when all border controls in the EU were abolished.

I was pretty worn out by then and my left wrist was hurting from working the clutch the whole time on the twisty roads, so I I was glad when I finally reached the place where I had booked a room the day before. It was a privately run bed&breakfast place, the room cost 30€ for a single night, itīs a lot cheaper if you stay two or more nights. Still, it was a fair price, and breakfast the next morning was good and plentiful, too.

The next day was to be spent on exploring the "Bayrischer Wald". Itīs less than 150 miles from where I live, one of the most famous areas in Germany and I had never really been there before. Shame on me, I was firmly planning to remedy that. I simply decided to ride the whole length of the "Wald" fom north (where I already was) to south (Passau). And it truly is one of the most beautiful areas in Germany. Some pics taken along the route:

An inn and hotel at the "Great Arber", one of the highest - or maybe the highest - peaks in the region, and a center of the skiing and tourist industry.

The famous "Arbersee".

I took a route from the Arber through Bodenmais, Langdorf, Zwiesel, Frauenau, Spiegelau and Grafenau. That is a large part of the officially so called "Road of Glass". This part of Germany was very important region for glassmaking, and for many centuries a sizeable portion of all glassware in Europe (and elsewhere) was produced here.The raw materials and finished products were transported along the same route I was following.

Should you ever get the chance, I recommend you try out this road. Itīs not only very scenic, itīs also an absolute blast to ride, often with curve chasing curve, over hills and into small valleys. At times it almost felt like a rollercoaster. I had some real fun there.

I finally arrived in Passau, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Those river cruiseships often travel the whole length of the river Danube, all the way to the Black Sea.

And from Passau I rode straight home, nothing more exciting happened! I hope you guys enjoyed my little report. Should you ever come to Germany and have a bike at your disposal, give me a call (a pm, rather) and weīll see if I can show you some nice roads. Bye!
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