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Originally Posted by liceyscrub
My wife has Type I and we have not had any issues. We have gone to AZ over thanksgiving and nor worries. She is now on the pump and it is even easier. My advice is pay close attention to you blood sugar, but don't worry to much. If you really are worried or want to keep track of it get a continuous gluclose monitor and that will really let you know what is going on.
Type I and II diabetes are really two different diseases. Some physicians and scientists are trying to change the terminology, because people confuse them all the time.

In some senses, Type I is "easier" to manage, because it is truly one pathophysiology, no insulin.

Type II has numerous causes and numerous pathologies. Your advice is outstanding for Type I.
Doctor's orders. Have to give up bikes for a couple of years or so. I live vicariously through you all.
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