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Originally Posted by RabidRover
I have type II as well and have ridden some long distances (+1500 km's in one day). It sounds like you are keeping hydrated which is important and you are making sure you are getting a good night sleep which is equally as important. You want to try to keep your glucose levels at a consistent level as possible (no spikes or dips). I eat smaller meals but more frequently. Make sure you include protein with each meal (I keep jerky in the tank bag). Test frequently and listen to your body. Don't set unrealistic riding goals for the day - the long day riding I mentioned above not only endangered myself but those around me and I will not do it again. Also make sure you have a window if you need to take some time to get your numbers back in line. Be smart about it and don't let the 'betis win
Keeping hydrated is not a treatment for Type II diabetes. IN fact, if you're drinking a lot (and subsequently urinating a lot), then the metabolic disease is somewhat out of control.

Most clinical studies show that testing blood sugar in Type II diabetics has no positive outcome for patients. Complicated reasons for the poor results, but Type II diabetics need a long term control of their blood sugar.
Doctor's orders. Have to give up bikes for a couple of years or so. I live vicariously through you all.
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