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When I last contributed to this tale of woe, I described my intro to fiberglassing, cutting, shaping, sanding, filling, priming, resanding, refilling, and finally painting....
If you put too many layers of RC Black on, too fast...? that shit'll bubble up on the first hot day!
And so guess what dimwit does 3 days ago????
He fergets to lock the lid...and CLACK!!! Right in the middle on a busy RT 209....logging trucks...on a tight downhill.
Only damage was from where it hit the road...them boys can drive!
But I regress. There's a pair of them Buco Twinmaster's on Ebay now. We'll see what they go for...
I'm startin' to bite the bullet. At 50K, the slingers are way past borrowed time. I take the bike in for it's first EKG/CatScan since????.......
I've got 85#'s left, 95#'s right...she only smokes a little bit...what could go wrong????Have the oils cease to feed the big end bearings? Sieze the rods? Blow the jug off from lackolube?
I cave in, and park it, for the winter....
The tranny is already at MAX'. Too many special tools and a special knowledge of /2 trannys are required...neither of which I posess. Can I come up and watch what yer doin' when it happens?
No...not allowed in the dealer shop.
Well...phack! That's no fun! It's against my nature to pay a bunch o bucks and not get some edumacation...
I cross my Rubicon...the decision is made. I will "do" the motor myself. If I plan to ride this thing from now on, I'd better know what's goin' on inside.
And besides....what could go wrong? Seals and valve stems...piece of Bavarian Pie!
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