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Originally Posted by liceyscrub
My wife has Type I and we have not had any issues. We have gone to AZ over thanksgiving and nor worries. She is now on the pump and it is even easier. My advice is pay close attention to you blood sugar, but don't worry to much. If you really are worried or want to keep track of it get a continuous gluclose monitor and that will really let you know what is going on.
Always, always, always keep some backup syringes on hand! Never rely on the pump 100% because it will eventually leave her high and dry. I HAD an Animas 1250 that failed multiple times (5 returns in 3 years). If you have a syringe handy you can draw insulin from the pump until you can get her taken care of properly. In a pinch, Walmart sells their own brand of R and N that can be had without a script (needles too!)(scripts are not required by law for R and N, but the pharmacy itself might not dispense w/out one.. Walmart will), which could be very handy if you're 1000 miles from home and the pump quits. Just talk to her doc to find out how to dose with alternate forms of insulin. (Hopefully you guys are ahead of me on this, but if not then maybe I can save you some greif.)
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