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Tank Mounts

Beemerguru, I aligned the steering head when welding it on, and it looked OK after I was done, so shouldn't need any further alignment.

If some frame alignment was needed, well, this project is not about sending things out. It is about creation, about taking an idea, forming a concept, and realizing it in metal, rubber and plastic. A sturdy fixture to bend the frame into alignment would just be one of the many fixtues and jigs that will be made for this project.

I found some thin sheet stock and cut two shims from it to set the steering stop to just before where the steering damper hits its limit.

The Applied Racing triple clamp I bought mounts the damper in the reverse direction, so I needed to buy a stepped arm that drops down to clear the damper body. I made this puller to pull the old arm off.

As I mentioned in my last post, the front HPN tank mounts I made up seemed too flimsy, so I added a brace to the inside of the existing bracket. I found some rusty stock that I cut to fit.

Then welded it on. It is amazing how the triangle makes it really strong, I guess the whole bike could be picked up by just one mount.

To fix the botched rear HPN tank mount I cut the welds of the miss placed bung with an abrasive cut-off wheel, ground off all the old weld, then re-welded the bung at the correct hight.

I made up this set of smaller bungs with M6x1.0 threads for the R65 tank adapter.

I needed to set the bungs up so that the bottom of the tank will clear the heads of the bolts that mount the adapter to the frame.

After I figure out what I'll do with the front seat mount, etc., I might simplify things here by cutting up this adapter such that I can just weld it to the frame.


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