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Originally Posted by LeftCoastMan
You are confusing issues related with Type I diabetes vs. Type II. Type I is a genetic disorder whereby insulin is not produced. Type I diabetics suffer from hypoglycemia mainly from improper insulin injections, but also because without insulin the body doesn't store glycogen which can be released over a longer period of time.

Type II diabetics usually have a consistent high blood glucose level and rarely experience ketoacidosis (which results from low blood sugar and the body then uses fats and amino acids for energy). I would be surprised that you will ever experience low blood sugar even with the medication you're taking, unless you take the medication on an empty stomach or something like that. Your diet and fluid intakes seem to be taken from Wikipedia rather than sound medical advice.

But let me blunt. Why the hell are you asking this group about your concerns about Type II diabetes? I have a graduate degree in endocrinology, and I wouldn't spend a nanosecond giving you advice, because I don't have access to your medical records and it would be highly unethical for me to tell you what to do. I would give you tons of advice, because I think you're doing some very wrong things, but that's not my job, and it's not my responsibility.

And though there are a lot of smart people around these parts, they cannot possibly understand the level of your disease, the causes, and your medication. Talk to an endocrinologist (who's not me) in person. He will advise you correctly.
Thanks Doc, for making it clear. I'm a Type 1 and clearly understand what you are saying. I've been dealing with Type 1 since 1975 and it certainly gets in the way at times but I have successfully taking many trips by car & bike. Just keep with out of the choppy water! BTW, I am on the pump.

To the dude with the initial question, my advice, get in shape and eat smart. And be prepared for the outdoors away from home.
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