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Along with fitting in a visit to the hospital to have my various medical and treadmill tests, so I can send an obscene amount of money to the governing body and get my International FIM licence, I have also done my best to co-ordinate and order all the other bits I think I'm going to need to ensure this bike goes together first time, in time...

• The JVO kit includes brackets to reposition the WR radiators, plus allows fitting of a pair of fans (KTM type)... I've elected to just fit one at the moment.

• To supplement the 20 litre fuel tanks on the front, I've also taken the precaution of ordering a rear 5 litre Safari [Aqualine] tank, which should give me the required 250km range for stages up to and including the Dakar. Certainly Tamsin Jones managed the Dakar this year with a 15L front and 10L rear set-up on her WR, although I must say, I am surprised how juicy the WR is on fuel... I'm lucky to get 60 miles from 6 litres...

• I've ordered a set of Talon 'rally spec' wheels including a cush-drive rear hub (similar to those I fitted to the Tenere last year), but the Yamaha pattern hubs mean I can get away with using the stock WR discs and sprocket, which are more than adequate and saves a significant amount of s! Tyres and mousses will be Michelin Deserts of course. The nice thing about the stock WR wheelset (Excel rims as standard) is they will be fine as a second/spare set on the events, albeit without a cush-drive of course.

My intention is to try and keep the basic bike as standard as possible - the nice thing about building a Rally bike from a well specified enduro machine is you already get nice things like magnesium footpegs, decent (and well set-up) suspension, quality brakes and controls etc.

• I have already assembled a box of spare parts - cables, levers, gear shifter, brake pads, wheel bearings, spokes, sprockets, chain, grips, air and oil filters etc. but hope on this first outing at least, nothing much will need replacing, other than regular oil changes...

• For the skid-plate, I have decided for this event to run a regular style Flatland Racing aluminium enduro guard (just hope it arrives in time from the US!) and have also ordered one of their odometer eliminator/spacers for the stock WR front wheel. I am hoping that [initially at least] I can use the void between the twin tanks under the front of the seat to stow the 3 litre water container required for FIM events. Yes, I know this means that weight is higher up than the typical skid-plate position, but then I am saving the weight of the aluminium water tanks themselves, and in the grand scheme of things, I don't think it will make a noticeable difference having the water between the fuel tanks... and don't forget I rode a 175Kg behemoth to Dakar last year!

• Electrics wise, I intend to run the stock (120w) stator on this first event, and see how it copes... the 55w headlight unit on the Euro-spec WR is noticably larger than the 'Enduro' version you usually get on the UK/US machines, and fortunately is the correct size to fit in the aperture in the JVO fairing - saving me €100 if I'd had to buy the Euro one seperately - result!

• I believe it is still an FIM requirement to run a second/high intensity rear light on bikes, and have a DRC Phantom to surface mount on the rear fender above the Anato - my intention is to simply wire the Phantom brake light bulbs to come on constantly, or perhaps even flash using the [now defunct] indicator relay... we'll see... x

I'm sure there will be a 101 sundry other items I come across in the next few days, and please do excuse me if I don't update this thread particularly regularly until the bike is in a fully working state... like I say, I will be up against the clock these next couple of weeks (fortunately my paintwork will be ready this Wednesday) ensuring everything goes together, works, and rides nicely...

Methinks I should really be pressing Red Bull for some sponsorship - at least in kind!

So, settle back with your popcorn smilies fellas, and enjoy the ride!

Jenny xx

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