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I've done, or will be doing, just the same thing with my xt600e.

Stock is 15/45

I will mount a 47 for the rear.

15/47 for everyday rides
16/47 for interstate and in generel when i'll be riding distances.
14/47 for the fun stuff.

I also have some 45 rear sprockes, to gear it even higher, but dont know it im gonna use that. 16/45 is 0.3555 which is high. I feel i have to rev the bike out pretty far between gearchanges.

The circlip for the CS sprocket lookes wicked, never seen that. That makes it a lot easier. I havent seen that for my bike tho. It would save some tools aswell. How do you mount/unmount that?

I havent changed gearig during a trip yet, but im gonna ride around 500km in a few weeks, to get to some offroading, so i might will.
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