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Originally Posted by YetiGS
On the rear, I cannot tell a difference between the TKC and the K60. On the road or in the dirt, they feel the same to me and have equal traction as far as I can tell. I don't push hard on the street though so . . .

I have no basis to discuss the front K60 since I've never run one.
Difference being that the TKC lasts (MMV of course) somewhere between 3k and 5k, and reports are the K60 last at least twice as long. I'm sold.

I got about 3.5k out of my TKC rear, and I actually still have it with maybe 20% left, but I dunno if I'll justify putting it back on anytime soon. It's a wonderful tire, always grippy rain, shine, dirt or pavement, but it wears oddly. Goes down to what appears like 50% of the tread block in less than 1000 miles then takes forever to wear down to the bars.
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