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Man, that is one "stripped" bike! I've had my motocrossers and trials bikes down to the bones before to weld up the frame or such, but never my 1150GS or RT. So I'm kinda curious, what were you doing?? Did you really have to strip it that far to replace the motor?

The roads in VT are rough, bumpy, and all broke up from the winter deep freeze. Great stuff for d/s bikes, but some days, you just want the ribbon of smooth tar.

I lived in Wyoming for 34 years and got thoroughly sick of the long Winters, and the roads were always trashed in the Spring with gouged asphalt, missing asphalt, frost heaves, windrows of sand and gravel everywhere, etc. The frost heaves got so bad in Yellowstone NP that you could catch air on The Pig even at the posted 45 MPH speed limit. So when I moved to Virginia I was THRILLED at the zillions of miles of outstanding asphalt and great dirt roads all over this country. It was the Holy Grail of riding experiences after all that time in the frozen Rockies! Well, then we had the first hard Winter in a decade here and guess what? All that fine asphalt is totally trashed after a few months of moderately bad weather. I don't think the pavement specifications or road construction standards were good enough for a normal Winter season and the roads just all fell apart. The Blue Ridge Parkway is still excellent probably because they built it to higher standards, they don't allow heavy truck traffic on it, and when the weather gets crappy they just close it rather than plow it. But man, all the other secondary roads down here are just a mess. I don't know how the Commonwealth is going to deal with all that because they are BROKE. It's even worse in West Virginia because that state is REALLY broke. The GS is the perfect bike for these conditions, but you still have to be extra vigilant because the roads just took a beating and may not recover for some time.

Have a great trip, and it's very cool that you and your Dad are hooking up to ride!

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