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Originally Posted by JensEskildsen
Is the circlip a dr650 only fit? Where did you get it?
The countershaft on a DR650 is splined for the gear, but has a groove around the circumference of the outer end of the shaft that the stock sprocket securing plate rides in. Normally, you push that plate onto the splined shaft (splines aligned), then rotate it in the groove (splines unaligned) and bolt it to the sprocket. That plate holds the sprocket on the shaft. The circlip is sized to ride in that groove instead of using the securing plate. If your bike has a groove around the circumference of the outer end of the countershaft, you can probably use a circlip, just measure the inner diameter of the groove and go to a hardware store to see what size fits best. The circlips are standard hardware items. I do not know what method your bike uses to attach the sprocket to the countershaft? Does it have a groove around the countershaft? I got the circlip from Keintech HERE. They are very helpful.

If you look closely, you can see the groove on the end of the splined countershaft:

Here is what it looks like with the circlip riding in that groove:

If your bike has a similar setup, you should be able to do the same thing.
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